Same-day appliance repair in Abbotsford

A faulty appliance often requires immediate solutions, as it may jeopardize your home’s and even your family’s safety. Therefore, we at Alpha Appliance offer professional express appliance repair at home to prevent all potential dangers, such as floods, gas leaks, or electrical issues. 

Why should you choose us?

The Alpha Appliance team comprises only carefully selected specialists with certificates and permits to work with various appliances, including gas ones. Thus, we can repair both dryer and gas-powered furnaces with the same professionalism and reliability. In addition, our technicians thoroughly know the specifics of multiple appliance brands. So, we can easily detect and repair a breakdown whether you have Haier, Bosch, Kenmore, AEG, Electrolux, Panasonic or anything else.

You can check the client reviews about Alpha Appliance on Google, HomeStars, and Facebook. After all, they provide a more accurate representation of our reliability than we can describe ourselves. So, for reliable Abbotsford appliance repair services, contact us today!
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Quality home appliance repair in Abbotsford

The first thing to note about our services is a consistent and thorough approach. Specifically, the key to successful repairs for us is accurately detecting a breakdown since the repair’s quality and the appliance’s further operation depend on this.

Additionally, we keep a vast stock of commonly used spare parts for every appliance we service, significantly speeding up the repair process. Finally, our technicians thoroughly test your unit’s performance before considering the repair complete.

Here is a list of appliances that we can repair for you:


The most common breakdowns we fix: Leaks, noisy operation, ice buildup, constant running, and excessive or insufficient cooling.

Fridges are complex systems that include multiple parts. Thanks to our thorough understanding of how they all work together, we quickly determine the cause of the problem, preventing it from ever happening again.


The most common breakdowns we fix: Dirty dishes, bad smells, leaks, failure to start, and improper drainage.

If it’s a matter of debris in the sprinklers or clogged filters, we’ll quickly clean everything up and get the unit working like new. If the reason is more serious, we must check the control board, water supply system, and other parts to detect and fix a problem.


The most common breakdowns we fix: Vibration, leaks, improper or slow drainage, bad smells, failure to fill with water, and damaged clothes.

A washing machine can endure hard times just because of a dirty drum. However, a faulty motor may also be the cause. Of course, cleaning the drum takes less time than replacing the motor, but we promise the best and quickest home appliance repair, whatever your issue!


The most common breakdowns we fix: Shutting off in the middle of a cycle, wet clothes, vibration, overheating, and excessive noise.

Since dryer problems can become a nightmare that may ruin your day, we’ve mastered advanced practices to repair this item. Thanks to them and the spare parts that we always have on hand, downtime is minimal.


The most common breakdowns we fix: Igniter problems, gas flow issues, a clicking gas stove top, and slow heating.

High-quality repair equipment and expertise are a must for technicians fixing stoves. Otherwise, a breakdown can cause significant damage to your home and health. If you rely on us for this critical task, you choose 100% safety for your family and home.


The most common breakdowns we fix: A dark oven, uneven cooking, too high or low oven temperature, and a malfunctioning door.

Our team of certified oven repair experts possess the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively repair ovens from well-known brands to more obscure ones, all while strictly adhering to safety regulations.

Gas appliances

The most common breakdowns we fix: Inconsistent temperature, gas odour, weak burner flame, and faulty indicator lights or controls.

Our professionals are certified gas engineers, so whether it’s a problem with your gas appliance’s ignition or ventilation system, Alpha Appliance is your safest choice.

Be it small fixes like washer vibrations or a major appliance repair like a fridge motor replacement, our team can do the best job for you!

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The biggest benefits of our ASAP domestic appliance repair in Abbotsford

Now, you can check what other benefits we deliver besides high-quality repairs. Thanks to them, we are top specialists in the industry and the number one choice of our clients.

  • 24/7/365 availability. Appliances can wreak havoc on your home in the middle of the night by flooding it with water or releasing gas. Therefore, our professional assistance is available round-the-clock, and we will respond to your call and arrive promptly.
  • Affordability. The heart of Alpha Appliance’s pricing policy is the client, which makes all prices wallet-friendly. Notably, homeowners never have to choose between price and quality since they get both at the best price. Also, our company offers discounts and coupons on various services. You can check them on our website!
  • Warranty on repairs and parts. Your peace of mind is another of our top priorities. Therefore, you receive a long-term guarantee for all the services we deliver and all the spare parts we install. You won’t have to pay twice with us!

Since certified expert technicians are the only people who can reliably fix appliances of all brands and models, Alpha Appliance is your safest choice!