Same-day AEG appliances repair available for you!

Alpha Appliance is a company that specializes in fixing and maintaining all types of home appliances. We can easily eliminate any malfunction and provide you with the best AEG appliance repair service. In order to adhere to our clients’ strictest criteria, we don’t sacrifice the level of job quality. At all times, our goal is to provide mending services that are reasonably priced and of a high grade.

The secret to our success and continued growth is our commitment to our clients, along with professionalism and flexibility. We have specialized delivery and installation crews with the knowledge and training to complete hassle-free installations. All our technicians are properly licensed and have gone through our specialized training course, which has given them extensive knowledge and sufficient skills.

We have the flexibility to work around you and provide visits on the weekends because our engineers are situated in different parts of your neighbourhood to perform AEG troubleshooting in an emergency situation. Because we value their recommendation of our work and their faith in us, our customers are very important to us.

aeg refrigerator repair service

AEG fridge repair

aeg fridge repairs near me

AEG refrigerator repair should be handled by someone who has knowledge and experience with fridge components and equipment. This is important because consumers usually try to do the repairs themselves, which can result in damage to the appliance. Leave it to our experts who are able to fix the following issues:

  • Fridge is not cold enough;
  • Ice maker is not working;
  • Refrigerator isn’t defrosting;
  • Device is too noisy or loud;
  • Appliance isn’t cooling;
  • Refrigerator is too cold.

Our quick and knowledgeable experts are available for top- and bottom-freezers, compact or freezerless refrigerators, and more. You can rely on us to return your refrigerator to its pre-accident operational state since we are adept at dealing with any model.

aeg washing machine repairs near me

AEG washing machine repair

best aeg washer repair

If your washer has been giving you trouble, you may be wondering what you can do. If you believe that you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, this is the appropriate question to ask. You might need to find a professional AEG washing machine repair service because there are so many different things that might go wrong.

Our experts are able to determine and address the following problems:

  • Washing machine won’t turn on;
  • Washer won’t spin;
  • Appliance is noisy;
  • Washer won’t drain;
  • Device vibrates too much;
  • Washing machine leaks water;
  • Door or lid won’t lock;
  • Error codes on the electronic panel;
  • Washing machine smells bad.

Alpha Appliance also provides regular preventative maintenance services. We suggest that you contact us right away to schedule a repair if your device develops any issues.

aeg dryer repair service

AEG dryer repair

fix aeg dryer

Our highly qualified crew can assist you when you need a reliable AEG dryer repair service. No matter how minor or serious the issue may be, our team of specialists has the knowledge and expertise required to address it. Each of our employees fully embodies our values and ideals, and they will enter your home politely and with a genuine desire to make your life easier.

We can resolve any issues with your dryer:

  • Dryer won’t turn on;
  • Appliance won’t spin;
  • It stops turning during the cycle;
  • Dryer won’t stop;
  • Device doesn’t heat;
  • Dryer makes noise.

Because of our vast expertise and familiarity with AEG appliances, you can rely on our professionals to diagnose your issue quickly and to do the necessary repair.

aeg dishwasher repairs near me

AEG dishwasher repair

fix aeg dishwasher

A broken dishwasher is the last thing you need during your hectic schedule. You must choose a certified, skilled team to perform AEG dishwasher repairs in order to avoid falling into the fast food trap. The level of quality we consistently provide is unmatched. We prefer it that way and think doing things that way will guarantee your satisfaction.

Here’s a list of breakdowns we can fix:

  • Dishwasher won’t drain;
  • Buttons don’t work;
  • Dishwasher lights flashing;
  • Dishwasher leaking;
  • Appliance won’t turn on/off;
  • Dishwasher dispenser doesn’t work;
  • Device won’t fill up;
  • Dishwasher overflowing;
  • Dishwasher won’t dry dishes.

We never miss the occasion to go above and beyond for our clients, whether it be for a simple maintenance operation or challenging repair work!

aeg oven and stove repair

AEG stove & oven repair

fix aeg stove

Has your most recent attempt to bake or broil something gone disastrously wrong? Do you frequently need to change the temperatures or cook times listed in recipes? This can be, put it mildly, irritating. Stop letting a broken device steal your enjoyment of cooking. Instead, leave it to our AEG stove and oven repair experts.

The most common issues we can fix:

  • Oven won’t heat;
  • Appliance won’t turn on;
  • Stove door won’t shut;
  • Error code on the electronic panel;
  • The gas burner won’t light;
  • The interior light is out;
  • Stove sparking;
  • Damaged electric coils.

Our skilled technicians are knowledgeable in managing virtually any issue you could run into with your oven or range since they have expertise with a broad variety of kitchen equipment. We strive to quickly pinpoint the problems with your oven or stove and offer a workable solution.