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Household appliances can malfunction due to age, wear and tear, or other mechanical issues. Fortunately, we can help you repair and restore them to optimal performance. At Alpha Appliance, we have been serving Canadians since 2003 with our team of qualified technicians with years of repair experience. Our experts have completed apprenticeships and use state-of-the-art tools and proven techniques to deliver exceptional repair services. We have local offices in over 120 cities across Canada, making our services easily accessible no matter where you are.

You can contact our customer service 24/7 or book an appointment online. We offer customized solutions to meet your needs.

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Our ASAP company can perform any appliance repair and parts replacement services in Fredericton!

Modern homes comprise various complex systems and appliances designed to enhance our everyday lives. However, if any of these systems or appliances break down, it can lead to increased energy consumption and expensive repairs. In such cases, it is best to seek professional help instead of searching for DIY advice online. Our team of expert technicians can assist you with any of the following devices:


If you notice that your clothing is unclean or discoloured after a washing cycle, it could indicate an issue with your washer’s agitation or drainage system. These systems are responsible for properly washing your laundry and removing excess water. To ensure that your washer is working at its best, our experts will thoroughly examine the device and identify any problems that need to be fixed. We are also able to address other washer problems, such as excessive vibrating, error codes, and more.


If you notice residues or debris left in your dishwasher after running a cycle, it is an indication that there might be a problem. Blocked filters, improper water circulation, or spray arms issues are common causes. Our team of experts can thoroughly inspect your dishwasher to identify the root cause of the problem. We are well-equipped to fix issues with popular appliance brands such as Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and Maytag. Be it loud noises, broken latches, leaking water, or clogged drains, we can resolve all the annoying problems you may face.


If your clothes appear damp or wrinkled after using the dryer, it could be a sign of a malfunction with the heating elements, ventilation, or lint trap. These issues can cause longer drying times or even lead to a fire. To ensure the safety and efficiency of your dryer, our team of expert technicians can inspect and repair any faulty components. They can also provide tips and advice on how to prevent future issues. Additionally, our technicians can address other problems like non-spinning drums, excessive lint, and burning smells that may arise from using the appliance.


Your freezer’s door seals, thermostat, and compressor play vital roles in ensuring that your frozen food stays fresh and edible. However, if your freezer fails to maintain a consistent temperature or accumulates frost, these components may malfunction. Our professional technicians can examine these parts and repair any issues to restore your cooling unit’s functionality. 


If you are experiencing inconsistent cooking results, the heating element, temperature sensor or oven door gasket may need to be fixed. Our experts will check and repair these elements to ensure your food cooks evenly. In the event of any electrical problems, our qualified technicians, who specialize in repairing Bosch, Miele and KitchenAid appliances, can also restore your oven to its original condition.

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Choosing our best appliance repair company is a win-win decision in Fredericton

Alpha Appliance offers several other advantages that will please any customer.

  • Same-day service. We can dispatch a repair professional on the same day to prevent the issue from worsening.
  • Prices that meet our customer’s budgets. Our Fredericton appliance service companies offer competitive pricing and ensure high-quality services. Additionally, we always provide a detailed estimate upon completing the diagnostic.
  • The warranty for every service. We offer a 3-month warranty for all our services for your peace of mind.