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Calgary gas appliance repairs

Even in the era of electrical analogues, many homeowners still prefer to install and utilize gas equipment. However, despite its efficiency and relative reliability, gas appliance repair in Calgary is a much more complicated process requiring a certified helping hand.

Fortunately, our local pros have everything necessary to restore your favorite kitchen and laundry devices, including:

  • Gas oven. Using up-to-date diagnostic tools, we will accurately identify any issue, from the faulty igniter to the gas leak, and eliminate it without hassle. Also, we service most of the major oven’s manufacturers and types, regardless of their age and condition.
  • Gas stove. Our immediate solutions allow customers to forget problems such as faulty gas burners, broken control valves and gas leaks. The replacement of the worn-out components will be carried out using OEM spare parts.
  • Gas dryer. We specialize in resolving many faults, including broken gas valves, blown thermal fuse and ignition problems. In addition to fixing existing issues, our professionals can maintain your dryer to make it run smoothly and trouble-free.

Furthermore, each of our technicians finished extensive training and earned prestigious certificates, such as Red Seal and NATE. Be assured that our gas appliance services will help you get rid of many annoying malfunctions considering all safety standards and regulations.

Exceptional gas appliance repair services in Calgary

Unlike other household devices, gas equipment must be fixed immediately, not only because of the necessity to renew your comfort but also because of safety concerns. What symptoms might indicate the need to hire the experts ASAP?

  • Pilot light problems. If the pilot light won’t ignite or keeps going out, it may cause the appliance to turn off unexpectedly. As a result, such issues will affect the equipment’s proper operation, lead to higher energy costs and even pose a safety risk.
  • Heating issues. If your oven is overheating or the stove isn’t heating evenly, then this may indicate problems with both the burner and the damaged igniter. If you ignore carrying out a fix of your gas appliances in Calgary in time, the device’s performance will suffer, and energy bills can grow exponentially.
  • Strange odours. When this occurs, homeowners may detect a powerful gas or burning odour while using their equipment. Such smells, caused by gas leaks or dirty/clogged burners, may bring not only operation issues but also create a safety threat and perhaps damage the unit’s internal parts.
  • Flame problems. Weak flame or having difficulties lighting the burner might indicate malfunctioning gas equipment. As a result, the device may consume more gas than necessary, raising utility costs and reducing its average lifespan.

In general, all these symptoms can be addressed by our gas appliance technicians even the same day after your initial call in Calgary. Do not put such restorations on the back burner since gas leaks may pose a serious risk to your health and property!

gas appliance technician Calgary

Why choose our Calgary gas appliance technicians?

In addition to high-quality restoration itself, our company has several other significant benefits that can be useful for the customers. For example, our team guarantees the following:

  • Emergency assistance. We understand that when it comes to restoring or maintaining your gas devices, time often plays a key role in project success. To ensure the timeliness of our gas equipment repair in Calgary, our local specialists can arrive at your doorstep in the shortest time possible, and our telephone support operates in 24/7 mode.
  • Competitive prices. By counting on our company, you can always be sure that the cost of our services won’t exceed the average on the Canadian market. Moreover, factors affecting the final bill are always transparent, and the final price will be announced to you in advance.
  • Insured service. An essential aspect of our company’s policy is clients’ protection against possible faults and overpayments after our job is done. To achieve this, we cover our repair with a complete labour warranty, lasting up to 90 days.

Our professional technicians and staff are ready to help!

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