Same-day appliance repair is no longer a dream in Brantford!

No appliance will last forever. At times, replacing the entire device may be the only feasible solution, but as our experience shows, repairing the appliance is more cost-effective. Alpha Appliance has all the necessary equipment to provide you with quick appliance repair at home. 

Our team consists of certified professionals with extensive knowledge and training. Furthermore, they arrive equipped with top-quality tools and OEM spare parts to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Before repairing the appliance, we perform a comprehensive diagnosis, allowing us to fix the issue on the same day. With us, you can be confident that your appliance can be repaired in most cases.

If the appliance is beyond repair or the damage is severe, we will notify the customer beforehand and recommend a suitable replacement. You can contact our Brantford appliance repair experts today or schedule an appointment online. We guarantee personalized service!

Dryer repair in Brantford

We can provide high-quality home appliance repair in Brantford at your convenience!

When choosing between hiring professionals or doing repairs yourself, consider all the risks associated with the former. If you are not careful, you may harm yourself. If you trust us, your appliance will be in the hands of experienced professionals who can repair it efficiently and effectively. Our specialists have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Refrigerator repair;
  • Dishwasher repair;
  • Washing machine repair;
  • Dryer repair;
  • Stove repair;
  • Oven repair;
  • Gas appliances repair.

We can solve any problem you encounter, whether it’s strange noises or temperature fluctuations. Here are, for example, the most common issues we deal with regularly:

The dryer is overheating

The most common causes of this are a short circuit in the heating element, a timer failure, an airflow problem and a drive motor failure. Our technicians can easily replace the heating elements, clear the dryer ventilation system, and replace any other faulty parts.

The refrigerator is not cooling

Our experience shows that dirty condenser coils are the most common cause of this problem, which leads to insufficient heat dissipation. If this is not the cause of the issue, we will check the fan motor, door seal, fuse and circuit breaker and replace them with functional components if necessary.

The washing machine won’t spin

To repair your appliance, our team will inspect components such as suspension rods, a lid switch assembly, a control board and a drive belt. We will replace any damaged parts to get your washing machine back in working order.

Don’t put off solving household problems – contact our home appliance repair specialists right now to get expert help at any time!

Appliance repair Brantford

Choosing our fast domestic appliance repair service in Brantford is beneficial for various reasons!

Alpha Appliance offers exceptional customer service and support, making us a reliable and efficient service provider for numerous homeowners throughout Canada. What sets us apart as leaders in our industry?

We save you valuable time

 No matter what happens to your kitchen appliance, dishwasher or oven, our technicians will be at your doorstep within hours of your first call. Thanks to our flexible working hours and round-the-clock customer support, we can fix your appliance on the same day. We will help you prevent further damage before the technician arrives.

We provide insured assistance

 What is the difference between a reliable service and a DIY guide or book? We offer a full work guarantee that covers any faults that may occur after the restoration! You can always be sure that our technicians will return to your home to repair your device in case of unforeseen circumstances.

We guarantee transparent and reasonable pricing

 We adhere to a “no hidden fees” policy. This means that our actions are agreed upon with you, and the price we offer remains the same throughout the project. In addition, we regularly monitor the Canadian market to ensure that our prices are affordable to everyone.