Same-day appliance repair in Aurora worth choosing

Are you looking for a company that can provide emergency repair service? Alpha Appliances is ready to help. We offer expert and comprehensive repair services. Our specialists will repair any kitchen and laundry appliances on the same day. We fix washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, cookers and fridges. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art equipment and has the necessary skills to install, repair and maintain your appliances.

We are well-equipped to repair various brands of household appliances. Our service vans are stocked with genuine spare parts. We are an Aurora appliance repair company known for our personalised approach to every customer. Whatever the condition of your appliance, contact us for help today!

Dryer Repair Aurora

Get quality home appliance repair in Aurora today

Alpha Appliance can service any model or brand of appliance. We strive to meet the needs of our customers by updating our repair methods to keep up with the times. Our technicians are fully licensed and certified, enabling them to fix even the most complex faults.

Refrigerator repair

 There is not a single make or model of refrigerator that our technicians cannot handle. Whether it’s a thermostat malfunction or a cooling problem, you can entrust your refrigerator to the skillful hands of our professionals, who will perform fast and high-quality repairs using original certified factory spare parts!

Dishwasher repair

 If you are experiencing issues with your dishwasher, such as improper water drainage, loud operation, leaks or poor drying, we have the perfect repair solution for you. Our team of experts can quickly diagnose the issue, replace any defective parts, and get your unit to run smoothly again. 

Washer repair

 Leaks, poor washing and other problems are the most common issues that prevent a washing machine from doing its job. But none of them are a problem for our washing machine repair specialists!

Dryer repair

Our technicians will diagnose and fix any issues with your dryer, including motor problems, tripped circuit breakers, and lack of maintenance.

Stove repair

 A broken or malfunctioning burner, damaged touch panel, weak flame or any other malfunction will be fixed in just a few hours, regardless of the make and model of your appliance.

Oven repair

 An oven that does not work properly is a huge inconvenience. There are many possible problems that can affect the operation of the oven. For example, the oven does not switch on or does not heat up, error codes appear on the display, the self-cleaning function does not work, uneven cooking, etc. Contact us now for a prompt oven repair.

Gas appliances repair

 We can easily fix a gas leak, blocked burner, faulty pilot light, etc. Our expertise is enhanced by regular training, enabling us to safely complete any job, no matter how complex.

Our best home appliance repair technicians provide high-quality diagnostics and, if necessary, repair damaged parts. Our company provides a guarantee for all the components and services we offer. Remember that proper maintenance will ensure the smooth operation of your appliances and extend their service life!

Commercial dryer repair Aurora

ASAP domestic appliance repair in Aurora is only a call away

We can easily handle any problem thanks to our years of training and experience. You get the following benefits when you choose us to service your equipment.

  • Certified technicians. Our technicians have the equipment and know-how to ensure your equipment is repaired to the highest standards.
  • Reliable service. All our services are backed by a warranty to ensure your peace of mind.
  • Original spare parts. We repair all brands of equipment using only original parts. This will ensure a long service life and smooth operation of your device.
  • Same-day repair. You don’t want to wait hours for a technician to arrive. With our fully stocked vans with genuine parts and modern tools, we can complete the most complex repairs in one day!