High-quality appliance repair in Airdrie you can trust!

Household appliances may malfunction due to wear, age, or mechanical issues. If you face such a situation, our team of experts at Alpha Appliance can help restore your appliances’ performance. We have been serving Canadians since 2003 with a team of highly qualified technicians who can assist you with any repair needs. Our technicians are highly trained and have years of experience repairing appliances. We use the latest technology and proven restoration methods to fix even the most damaged parts and appliances. 

Our services are available in 120 cities across Canada, and you can call our 24/7 customer service or book an online appointment. We offer customized solutions that meet your unique needs.

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Our ASAP company can perform any appliance repair and parts replacement services in Airdrie!

Every modern household contains a variety of complex appliances, all designed to simplify your life. If any of these appliances fail, they can consume more energy and result in costly repairs. However, this is not a good reason to search the internet for dubious DIY guides. We can assist you with the following:


If you notice that your clothes are left unclean or discoloured after washing, it could be that your washing machine’s agitation and drainage systems are not functioning properly. These two components are crucial for efficient washing and removing excess water. To ensure that your unit is working at full capacity, our technician will thoroughly inspect the machine and identify the problem. We will replace any damaged parts and address other problems, such as unusual odours and error codes.


If you notice debris or residue on your dishes after running the cycle, it could indicate an issue with your appliance. This might be due to clogged filters or incorrect water circulation. To resolve this, we can send a trained expert to check all the moving parts and fix any problems found. Whether you have Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, or Maytag appliances, we can assist with other issues, such as loud noises and broken latches.


If the laundry remains wrinkled or damp after drying, there may be a problem with the lint collector, heating element or ventilation system. These problems can cause longer drying times and even pose a fire risk. To ensure that your dryer runs safely and efficiently, we offer an inspection service to identify and resolve any issues. Our team of professionals can clean, repair or replace these parts, as well as provide you with helpful tips to prevent future problems. Additionally, we can help you resolve other issues, such as non-spinning drums, excess lint, a burning smell coming from the appliance, and others.


To keep your frozen food fresh and edible for a long period, it is essential to have a functioning thermostat, compressor, and door seals in your freezer. However, if these components do not work correctly, they can cause problems. Our team of professionals can inspect and repair all these elements to restore your cooling equipment to its original condition. We can also fix issues like water leaks, clattering or knocking sounds, and banging.


If you notice inconsistent cooking results or longer preheating times, your oven may have a problem with the heating elements, temperature sensors or door seals. Our team of experts can help ensure even and consistent cooking by checking all components and fixing any problems. We can also replace any worn parts.

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Choosing our best appliance repair company is a win-win decision in Airdrie

Alpha Appliance offers many advantages that can pleasantly surprise our customers.

  • Your comfort is our priority. Our repair professionals can arrive at your home the same day to prevent the problem from worsening.
  • Prices that fit our customer’s budgets. Our Airdrie appliance repair service maintains top-notch quality while offering competitive pricing and detailed estimates.
  • Each service comes with a guarantee. Our 3-month warranty covers all installation, repair, and maintenance services that we provide.

We can show you that hiring a professional is always cheaper than paying twice for your mistakes.